Trailers with a Wrap can advertise what you have to offer.

Whatever type of trailer you require to advertise, Vinyl wraps are an attention-grabbing option. Enclosed trailer wraps can turn your trailer into a marketing channel for your business.

The commercial possibilities are almost endless when you choose trailers for advertising.

Industries that may find enclosed trailer wraps helpful include:

  • Construction companies
  • Food & Catering
  • Landscapers
  • Movers
  • Real Estate
  • Racing

Many businesses use trailers regularly. Boost your company’s reputation with stellar graphics.

Enclosed Trailer Wrap For Business Growth 15x Faster Advertising Vehicle Wraps - Printam
Enclosed Trailer Wrap For Business Facts About Vehicle Wrap - Printam

Trailer wrap marketing can help you grow your business.

Construction companies can use cargo trailer wraps to advertise their work. Landscaping companies can show off before and after pictures of properties they have worked on or at least demonstrate what plants or grasses they prefer. The possibilities are truly endless with custom trailer wraps.

A trailer wrapped in high-quality vinyl creates an attention-getting image and message you can’t miss! A trailer wrap attracts potential customers wherever it goes because no one can look away from your eye-catching trailer sign. The essence of the message will be recovered.

According to a survey,

92% of those who viewed trailer wraps said the graphics were excellent.

75% of those viewers knew immediately what business was represented.

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Trailer wrap covering options for marketing

Vinyl wrap can be simple or complex, depending on how you want your advertising message to look. There are no restrictions when it comes to custom trailer wraps.


Full Wrap

Full wraps cover the entire trailer, so the graphics cover all sides. Full trailer wraps can be printed with your full company name or a logo for more of an advertisement than an identity statement.


Partial Wrap

Partial wraps cover only part of the exterior surface area of any trailer that has graphics. Partial wraps are affordable for those who want to use their trailer as an advertisement but want to cover it only partially.


Trailer Decals

This is the most affordable way to advertise your business logo. This allows you to include your phone number or website address. Decals cover different areas of a trailer body.

Get vehicle wraps for your company's advertising.

You can advertise your company's brand with vehicle wraps in many ways.

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Vinyl Wrap Brands we use for trailer wrapping.

We use only the top quality brands from 3M, Avery Dennison, and Arlon, and the best printing machine or a similar high-end vinyl. We do not use cheap brands that look horrible and ruin your company’s image by bubbling or peeling after a short time of being on your trailer.

3M & Avery Vinyl Wrap Films
Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Cost

Trailer Wrap Cost

Trailer wraps have a range of prices, depending on the size and complexity. It’s important to work with an experienced vinyl wraps company like Printam, which can give you a quote based on your budget. Enclosed trailer wraps are a significant investment that will pay off quickly!

No matter what you want your vehicle wraps to look like. Our shrewd professionals know how to fulfill each demand. We can provide full or partial vehicle wraps as per client requirements. It is up to you how much you want to cover. Protect your vehicle with visually appealing graphics.

You can fill out the form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We offer free trailer wrap price quotes and consultations. For your convenience, Contact us for a free quote:


Call or text to get set by Printam specialist.

Trailer Graphics

The enclosed trailer graphics will catch people’s attention immediately. Trailer wraps will establish your trailer as a moving billboard. Wraps may be the best way to promote businesses, and trailer graphics are an efficient & effective solution to create a new business opportunity.

Custom trailer signs have produced up to 92% better recall than traditional advertising methods such as billboards, radio spots, or print ads. This is because trailer graphics are a permanent installation in a highly visible location.


Wrap Consultation

If you want a unique way to advertise your business, look no further than Printam brand consultants. We are the leading provider of van wraps and can give your vehicle a whole new look.

Printam Brand Consultation

Wrap Designs

Your wrap designs take creativity. Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd? That’s where Printam design consultants come in. With our help, you can create a design that will be unique and creative. We’ll work with you at every step to ensure you’re satisfied with the result, helping you make unique wraps ideas.

Designing Icon

Wrap Printing

Once your design is perfected, our production team will work quickly to get the job done. They use top-of-the-line printers and advanced printing technology to ensure your wraps look professional on a fleet of your vans. Your new car wrap will be a reflection of your business. It must stand out from the crowd and be an aesthetically attractive wraps print.

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Wrap Installation

Our certified installer team is fast and accurate. They will leave the garage once you’re 100 percent satisfied with the installation quality. That’s our guarantee to you. We do indoor installations for the best quality at our shop in Mississauga.

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Move Over Billboards! Trailer Wraps Are King When It Comes to Marketing

Have you seen how far-reaching trailer wraps can be? Make sure your business takes advantage!

Take your business to the skies without wings with our trailer wraps! Our optimal, long-lasting solution will make you visible and recognizable while leaving an impact. Upgrade your vehicle’s look today – get it wrapped with us!

Most importantly, our experts guarantee that your trailer wrap is stunning and portrays your business positively. We want you to be pleased with the outcome – after all, it’ll accompany you on the roads for a significant period of time!

When You Think Unique Marketing – Think Trailer Wraps!

Wrap your trailers in style and leave no doubt that your company means business! Use trailer wraps for maximum exposure and ensure everyone sees your brand. Let us help you put your message on wheels with our trailer wrapping services.

We guarantee you’ll get top-notch trailer wraps that will stay vibrant for years to come. After all, our trailer wraps are made from the highest quality vinyl material.

Ask us anything you want to know about vinyl wrapping.

How long does a wrap last on a trailer?

A trailer wrap can last up to 7 years, depending on the quality of the vinyl used and the proper installation.

How much does a trailer wrap cost?

The cost of trailer wraps varies depending on size, complexity, and design. However, trailer wraps are an inexpensive way to advertise compared to traditional methods such as billboards or radio spots.

How much does it cost to rewrap a trailer?

It depends on the trailer’s size and complexity. Generally, trailer wrap re-wrapping costs around half the price of a new trailer wrap.

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