Will wrapped vehicles attract customers?

Identifying and connecting with new customers is typically a very time-consuming process, but a custom vehicle wrap keeps your company’s vehicle visible to potential clients while you’re driving! Many companies are using wrapped cars to increase their brand awareness.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get your company noticed, this is the right time to get your vehicle wrapping done by Printam.

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Wraps are becoming more popular nowadays because they have the power to promote your business yet save you a great deal of money. Traditional vehicle vinyl wraps, vinyl lettering, or decals are most likely to peel off or fade away. A business vehicle wrap is a permanent image that “wraps” your vehicle, immersing it into your company colours and logo to deliver the right message while you are on the go.

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Grow your Local business with commercial vehicle wraps advertising

If you own a vehicle that transports goods or provides services, vehicle wraps will be an even more powerful marketing vehicle to promote your local business.

Vinyl car wraps are a great way to be noticed by potential customers when you drive around town. The vehicle wrap will hitch attention and get people talking so they remember your business logo!

Vehicle Wraps are also an effective way to advertise for companies with any budget. You can have multiple cars or even have one vehicle wrapped.

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Advantages

  • Traditional advertising does not reach out to a larger audience
  • Strengthen a company’s brand in the local market
  • Local vehicle wraps attract your targeted local audience

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Choose from one of our four vehicle wrap options:

We offer four different options for vehicle wrap and graphics coverage.


Full Vehicle Wrap

A full vehicle wrap covers the entire vehicle with graphics. This option is great for companies that want to make a big impact and be noticed.


Partial Vehicle Wrap

A partial vehicle wrap covers part of the vehicle with graphics. This option is great for getting your company’s name and logo seen without going over budget.


Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals are an excellent way to advertise your company and get your name and logo out there.


Rear Window Graphics

Rear window graphics are a great way to advertise your company and get your name and logo seen by people in the car behind you.

Get Vehicle Wraps for your Business

Get a full vehicle wrap and advertise your business everywhere you drive. Our trained staff is here to help you get started with your custom design.

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Vinyl Brands we use for vehicle wrapping

Talk about the best vehicle wrap material, 3M, Avery and Arlon are the best. It is better to go for them and transform your vehicle thoroughly. Going for a substandard vehicle wrap material costs you a lot in the long run.

We’re proud to offer 3M, Arlon, and Avery Dennison automotive-grade materials. All vinyl wrap product lines provide maximum durability and warranty protection.

Printam’s vehicle wrap experts can recommend the best wrap vinyl.

3M & Avery Vinyl Wrap Films
Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Cost

Vehicle Graphics Cost

Vehicle wraps are a great way to promote your business, but they can be expensive. You must understand the factors that influence vehicle wrap costs to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right marketing strategy for your company. We have put together some information here so you can learn more about what goes into determining vehicle wrap cost and why it varies from one project to another.

You will find out everything there is to know about custom vehicle wraps or car wraps, including how much they typically cost and why the price may vary depending on several factors. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

We would love nothing more than to help our customers achieve their goals through effective marketing strategies like vehicle wraps! Let us help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right quality and type of advertising campaign that gels well with your needs and budget!

No more sleepless nights. Give us a call. Hand us your marketing worries. And hit the sack!


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It’s time to personalise your vehicle Graphics

At Printam, we are well-trained and experienced in vinyl wrap graphics. After years of experience in vehicle wrap graphics, we can claim to be a brilliant lot. Every segment of our operation is on point. Be it wrap graphics printing or vinyl wrap installation.

Vehicle graphics are the ultimate marketing channel for your local business.

The Printam team aims to develop custom wrap designs to help you stand out in the crowd. The bold colours, Fonts, unique textures, and glossy finish vinyl graphics are what you need to mark your presence out there. We dress your wheels to the nines. Our motive is to boost your branding. We strengthen its identity with cost-effective advertising.

Brand Consultation

Printam’s brand consultants can help local businesses to be completely satisfied. We offer brand consultancy services for business owners who want to establish brand recognition and make an impact on potential customers. At Printam, we use the best brand consultancies in the industry! From concept development to the design and installation, you’ll experience the same quality control level and receive many options to create a car wrap.

Printam Brand Consultation


The Printam design team believes in design perfection. We design custom car wraps with utmost precision and focus on graphics quality. Our customized graphic design philosophy is straightforward: a design for saleability. Our entire design team leaves no stone unturned in designing your vehicle wrap that boosts your brand recognition. Isn’t that awesome stuff?

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Printam’s wrap shop is among the best in business. We use top-of-the-line printers and advanced printing technology to print. We can print wrap vinyl up to 60 inches. Printam’s wrap printing services provide car wrap materials that are highly durable, waterproof, and aesthetically appealing. Our wrap films are fade-resistant and scratch-resistant.

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Our installers coordinate with wrap designers and printers to ensure proper wrap installation. We wrap with the best quality vinyl vehicle wrap film in town. They are durable, waterproof, and protect the original car’s paint job done by the manufacturer. We offer an excellent service for printing and indoor installation at our shop.

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Wrapped Vehicles elevate your brand to a whole new level

Each entrepreneur comes to us with a different set of vehicles. Some want a whole different outlook for their buses. Others are looking for a delicious modification of their food trucks. Whatever it is – our savvy professionals work day and night to design fantastic wraps.

All our wraps are 100% safe. You can remove them without trouble when the campaign ends. We create an endless experience.

With Printam, you realise the actual value of a commercial fleet. We provide prompt, efficient, and affordable services.

Use vinyl car wraps to generate a local buzz

A prospect might be looking for you. Going with mainstream adverts will probably get you lost in the crowd.

The solution is a vehicle wrap to target people in Toronto, Brampton, or Mississauga. Printam wizards know all the cues to grab the attention of the local population.

Ask any questions about vinyl wraps, and we will answer them.

Where to buy vehicle wrap?

You can easily buy car wraps from Printam. We offer you a golden key to customization. You are greeted with a full-fledged design and branding consultation. Once you are happy with the design, we transform your vehicle into an advertising channel.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

The cost of a vehicle wrap depends on factors like the material you use, the coverage option you prefer, and the customization you ask for.

The full vehicle wrap costs you somewhere between $2000 to $4000.

The particle vehicle wrap costs you somewhere between $450 to $1900.

What is a full vehicle wrap?

A full vehicle wrap covers the entire body of your vehicle. In some cases, except for the roof, the vinyl graphics are installed on all panels. Since it offers you complete coverage, the benefits are huge in return. Every inch of your vehicle is wrapped from hoods, sides, doors, fenders, and rear windows (if permitted by law) to bumpers.

Usually, the roof doesn’t come in the coverage area. But it can be done for an additional cost. Each industry looks for a different finished product.

Since you cover every inch of your vehicle, the people passing by quickly notice it. It is simple to change the appearance to “ more eyeballs, more calls.”

What is a partial vehicle wrap?

A partial vehicle wrap is a coverage option that doesn’t cover all the parts of your vehicle. Partial wraps usually range from 25% to 75% colour printing. People often choose this option when they want to change their marketing message. In some cases, when they are budget-constrained, they go for decals.

Usually, partial vehicle wraps cover your vehicle’s sides, hoods, and rear. Also, vehicle decals or vinyl lettering is another option instead of a partial wrap with a limited budget.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

If you go for a premium quality vinyl car wrap, expect it to last for 5 to 7 years. Note that proper maintenance is necessary.

Is it better to wrap or paint a vehicle?

Going for a wrap for your car or truck is always advisable rather than painting a car. Let’s break down the primary points:

Cost: The price for a custom paint job is somewhere around $3,000 – $6,000. On the contrary, a car wrap costs $2500 to $3000.

Damage: Painting a vehicle is next to your red alarm! There is no way backward. Once the job is done, you can’t change it. You can change it anytime when you go for a partial or complete car wrap. The original paint of your car remains intact. After painting, the car may require a paint protection film service to protect the paint.

Sustainability: Damage caused by UV rays to the car paint colour and several other factors. When you opt for vehicle graphics you save yourself as the wrap stays fresh with you for a good 7 years on the car.

Maintenance: To keep it shiny, you must frequently wax your car. On the other hand, vehicle wrap saves you from this trouble. All you need to do is to keep the surface clean with a plain water wash. It does not require paint protection film because the vinyl wrap is already laminated and protects your vehicle from stone chips, road debris, and scratches. The original colour of your car stays intact. No special care or any other service is required to protect the paint.

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