Fleet Graphics & Fleet Wraps

Fleet Graphics & Fleet Wraps

Low-cost advertising with exponential impressions may sound like a dream, but with fleet vehicle graphics, we can turn that fantasy into a reality for brands in all sectors! Wrapping your fleet with your logo, vibrant colours, and pigmented and printable films increases brand visibility and leaves a lasting impression. Whether your vehicles are parked or on the move, they constantly catch the eye and make your brand unforgettable. This cost-effective, high-impact advertising solution works around the clock, turning every traffic jam or parking lot into a marketing opportunity.

By investing in fleet vehicle wraps and finished graphics, you are creating a powerful promotional tool. It’s an efficient way to reach large audiences without breaking the bank because your fleet will only need more servicing than it would normally. At the same time, you’re also protecting your vehicles from sun damage and vandalism, making them easier to maintain and retain their original appearance for longer.

Fleet graphics make it easy to bring your brand to life and make a statement. Whether you have one vehicle or a large fleet, we guarantee your vehicle branding will be seen everywhere your vehicles travel – making it a great investment for any business! Get started today with our professional wrap services and make sure your fleet stands out from the crowd.

What Are Vehicle Fleet Graphics?

What Are Vehicle Fleet Graphics?

Fleet vehicle graphics, or fleet wraps, are a powerful way to communicate your brand messaging. These custom-designed vinyl wraps cover the exterior of your vehicles, transforming them into mobile billboards that display your brand’s logo, colours, and any other messaging you choose. Whether your fleet travels locally or across the country, these graphics guarantee that your brand gains exposure in every location your vehicles pass. The more your cars are on the road, the more impressions your brand will make. This form of advertising is highly visible and incredibly cost-effective, delivering a remarkable return on investment for large and small businesses.

A complete range of wrap options for your vehicle branding

Full Fleet Wraps

Full fleet wraps take your branding to the next level by completely transforming the look of your vehicles. These wraps cover the entire exterior surface of your car, from bumper to bumper, providing maximum brand exposure. With full fleet wraps, your cars become moving masterpieces that showcase your corporate colours, logo, and messaging in a bold and eye-catching manner. Whether you’re seeking to create a cohesive look across many vehicles or to make a big impression with a single car, full fleet wraps offer a large, uninterrupted canvas for your branding that won’t be missed. Stand out on the roads and make a statement with a full fleet wrap.

Partial Fleet Wraps

Partial fleet wraps leverage several of the most visible surfaces of your vehicles, such as doors or cargo areas, turning them into effective mobile advertising spaces. This method significantly enhances your brand’s visibility while being a more budget-friendly option than full wraps. The partial wrap designs are strategically placed to maximize exposure and capture attention, ensuring your brand message is communicated. Despite covering only a portion of the vehicle, partial fleet wraps still make a significant impression and are a smart choice for companies looking to balance cost and visibility.

Reflective Decals and Accents

Reflective decals and accents offer a dual-purpose solution for your fleet. By utilizing reflective films, you can create distinctive and vibrant trailer graphics and truck decals that ensure your messaging and brand identity remain highly visible, even in low-light conditions and during the nighttime. These materials catch and reflect light, creating a glowing effect that enhances the visibility of your vehicles on the road. This amplifies your marketing efforts and significantly improves vehicle and driver safety 24/7. With these custom reflective decals and accents, your fleet continues to advertise your brand while prioritizing safety – a win-win situation for any business!

What Is the Best Vinyl Truck Wrap Brand?

Vinyl truck wrap brands like 3M™, Avery Dennison™, and Arlon are the industry leaders when it comes to providing high-quality vehicle wraps. These renowned manufacturers have decades of experience in producing superior vinyl products that will ensure your truck’s wrap is applied correctly and remains vibrant for years.

Benefits of Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics have several advantages, including:


Increased brand visibility and

Increased brand visibility and recognition. Your vehicle wraps will turn your fleet into rolling billboards that are seen everywhere they go, delivering constant exposure in cities, towns, and rural areas.


Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency. Vehicle wraps are incredibly cost-effective to boost your brand visibility and reach new customers without breaking the bank.


Long-term advertising solution

Long-term advertising solution. Once installed, these wraps won't need servicing or replacing for years - making them a great investment that pays dividends over time.


Protective coating against UV rays and vandalism

Protective coating against UV rays and vandalism. Wraps provide an added layer of protection from sun damage, extending your vehicle's lifespan and keeping it looking fresh for longer.

Fleet graphics are an excellent way to get your brand out and reach a larger audience. Not only do they increase visibility, but they also create a positive impression to draw potential customers in! With our professional wrap services, you can be sure your fleet will make the right impression and stand out. Invest in your fleet graphics today and make sure your brand gets noticed!

Our Fleet Graphics Services

Our Fleet Graphics Services

At Printam, a well-known graphic manufacturer, we specialize in creating beautiful, high-quality fleet wraps that will make a lasting impact. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible and customizing each wrap to their needs. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to deliver a professional finish that exceeds your expectations.

We provide a full range of fleet graphics services, including design, production, and installation. We exclusively use materials of the highest calibre to guarantee your wraps will last for years without fading or peeling – making them an excellent investment for any business. Whether you need one vehicle wrap or a large fleet covered with your brand messaging, we always guarantee satisfaction.

Ready to get started? Contact us today, and let’s turn your fleet into a powerful promotional tool to ensure your brand is seen everywhere it travels!

With Printam’s fleet graphics services, you can ensure that your vehicles always look their best – no matter where they go. From protecting against sun damage and vandalism to boosting brand exposure nationwide, ensure you take full advantage of our professional wraps and graphics services. Invest in your vehicle fleet today and get ready to unlock its full promotional potential.

Call us now for a free quote! Let’s make your brand unforgettable with fleet graphics!

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What are Fleet Vehicle Graphics?

Fleet vehicle graphics are custom-designed vinyl wraps that cover the exterior of your fleet vehicles. They display your branding and any other promotional messaging you choose, turning your cars into mobile billboards that reach a larger audience wherever they go.

What Services Does Printam Provide?

Fleet vehicle graphics are custom-designed vinyl wraps that cover the exterior of your fleet vehicles. They display your branding and any other promotional messaging you choose, turning your cars into mobile billboards that reach a larger audience wherever they go.

How Long Do Fleet Graphics Last?

Fleet vehicle graphics are custom-designed vinyl wraps that cover the exterior of your fleet vehicles. They display your branding and any other promotional messaging you choose, turning your cars into mobile billboards that reach a larger audience wherever they go.


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